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This is Denis, a passionate experience designer from Aarhus

Denis is a UX/UI designer who loves to improve the lives of others though great experiences. He has been designing experiences for over five years and has been taking part in projects with clients like LEGO Systems, Mannaz and Systematic. Throughout his experience as an external consultant, he has had the pleasure of working in a variety of different business cultures with talented and passionate people. He believes that empathy is the greatest persuasion as a designer and that great product design begins by a human centered approach.

Denis loves UX design and he is also an excellent UI designer, who also happens to be fully capable coding in CSS HTML.

This is how it all began.

The Beginning

The Big Bang - Beginning of everything

His journey as a designer began back in childhood, when he opened his first box of LEGO Technic. His obsessive need to build, and the idea of endless possibilities led him to discover his first passion in life, as he could unfold his creativity without any limitations.

UI Design

Becoming an Interface Designer

That same passion later transmitted into something different, yet similar. He discovered the limitless world of digital design, which evolved into a great interest in User Interface Design. For him, the best part of being a designer is, to see others make use of his creations.


Bringing life to his designs

Later, Denis discovered a natural desire to bring his designs to life by making them interactive. This led to a growing interest in front-end coding, where Denis once again discovered a new world of endless possibilities.

UX Design

Falling in love with User Experience Design

Later, though his bachelor in Digital Concept Development and the discovery of varies processes, concepts and theories, Denis learned how to apply science to his work, which developed into a great interest in the art of User Experience Design. Yet again, he became obsessive with inductive and deductive research and he enjoys eureka moments, when the data defies expectations, surprising everyone, and points his designs in an exciting new direction.